Provide best practice phone-based & online mentoring and support to leaders in youth, health and community service delivery; with a focus on remote Indigenous communities Australia-wide.


Support the delivery of best practice youth, health and community service & development programs.


 Collaboratively develop and deliver key research outcomes, to support any vital need in community services; Australia-wide.

















Down-to-earth people who have collectively walked in the work for over 90years, who really care about health, kids, youth and the community, with professional frameworks of best practice.


Exceptional, comprehensive and thorough quality research outcomes delivered on time.

 Independent, confidential, uncensored mentoring support and guidance in real-time from our team who all have lived-experience, are qualified, or are Indigenous.


 We are blood, sweat and tears, we are a team weaved with hard yakka, academic & professional qualifications, and with lived-experience from the frontline to senior regional management. We have real or chosen family out bush, remote, rural and urban, and know the way of walking multiculturally.

We are a registered charity under the Australian Charities & Not for Profit Commission (ACNC). 

We are real….. practised, experienced, independent, confidential & professional.


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Our Mentors

It’s in our blood…

Our team have worked across over 1.3 million square kilometres of remote Australia in Indigenous communities and have over 90 years experience. We know firsthand the bliss and chaos of the work, we made every mistake in the book and learnt the hard way to find the best strategies and frameworks to being a safe and effective ‘Two-Way Leader’ where you practise both as teacher & student, bridging two worlds with your chosen community family and all without losing your sense of self & health…


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The Moral Compass and The Work

Ethical and Moral Pluralism in Multidisciplinary Community Service Delivery A ‘Code of Conduct’ is a pretty stock standard and generic approach within organisations and companies, used to temper the potential vagrancies of human behaviour, in a workplace setting....

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