#Centrestage Celebrates Indigenous Women Leaders on International Women’s Day (IWD) 2019

Yasmin and Tula both originate from Townsville, in North Queensland. Yasmin has both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage and Tula’s family is from Moa, St Paul Island (situated between Cape York and Papua New Guinea).

Both Yasmin and Tula moved to south-east QLD and the Brisbane region to join the Australian Tax Office’s Reach Out team less than 12 months ago.

The ATO Reach Out pilot is an Indigenous small business support pilot, designed to identify and meet the unique needs of Indigenous small businesses, such as tax and superannuation obligations. The pilot’s concept was designed by four Indigenous ATO staff, including Tula and Yasmin.

The project came about in 2017, after four Indigenous ATO staff, members of the entry-level ‘Evergreen Program’, helped identify the unique needs of Indigenous small businesses and the barriers they face, especially those in remote and regional Australia. Tula and Yasmin are two of the four original Evergreen team members who were successful in gaining full time employment on the pilot project when it was implemented. Talk about movers and shakers!

If you’re interested you can read more about the project on the website.


Both friends and peers, Tula and Yasmin have had a successful and vibrant start to their careers in the public service, and as young Indigenous leaders in their own right. Yasmin, the quiet achiever and Indigenous advocate, recently completed her Bachelor of Business majoring in HR and is looking forward to her graduation ceremony later this year. Tula, who also has an academic background and experience in Music Secondary Education, is not only an exceptional cross-cultural communicator and collaborator, she is now also studying to become a Trainer and Assessor.

Both Tula and Yasmin are currently focused on meeting Reach Out’s goals in the pilot that runs until August 2019, through helping Indigenous small business owners in Queensland to develop their businesses sustainably to benefit themselves, their families and communities, whilst meeting one of several Australian Government initiatives to support the economic participation of Indigenous Australians.

Although Tula and Yasmin do not have an ‘official’ mentor, they believe that everyone in their Reach Out team has strengths and they each offer support for one another as an integral collective whole; only as strong as the sum of all its parts.

Yasmin and Tula are inspired by the opportunity their team gives them to help support and educate for empowered and sustainable Indigenous businesses, raise cultural awareness in the sector and influence positive change for the broader Indigenous Australian community.

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