An Australian organisation helping support workers in remote Indigenous communities, has used its key-note address at the Queensland Rural Medical Family Network AGM this month, to help build resilience in the bush.

World Central Founder, Shelley Madden delivered the address earlier this month, in Cairns, which focused on support workers building resilience and keeping strong while working in remote and regional communities.

“3 in 5 staff living and working in Indigenous communities experience limited support, so it’s important for them to know how to deal with certain challenges,” World Central Founder, Shelley Madden said.

World Central is an organisation, which supports leaders and practitioners in remote and rural communities through mentoring.

Shelley’s address pivoted around five key points with the aim of helping to upskill support workers in building resilience. These included:

  • Aligning yourself with an authentic goal bigger than yourself
  • The importance of taking on ‘appropriate challenges,’ with the right support
  • Making progress through key steps and practices
  • Developing resilience through the mind- body integrated approach
  • And laughing often

“Resilience does require some fight at times, particularly during a difficult time. But it can be incredibly helpful in preventing the onset of certain mental health conditions or stress-related injuries or illnesses,” Shelley said. 

World Central Mentor Be Ward also led the network to practice TaKetina from their chairs, a somatic mind-body practice incorporating sounds and movements, which parallels the way we move in and out of thinking and doing; the internal and external processes we use to stay resilient throughout the life cycle.

The QRMFN runs adjunct to the Rural Doctors Association QLD (RDAQ), and the network supports & collaborates with the partners, children and families of Doctors working in rural and remote areas.



For more details please contact:

Shelley Madden


M: 0473 425 757

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