In the beginning, what motivated you to work and live in remote Indigenous communities?

It’s always been important for me to work in an area where I felt like I was making a difference and being true to my values and ethics. I travelled around the Kimberley region when I was in high school on a scholarship, and visited remote communities volunteering in arts centres and schools. This definitely planted the seed in my journey to working remote, and with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in social services and community development. Volunteering with Linkz Incorporated was also an important turning point for me realising I wanted to work remote. Shortly after, I took my first job as a youth worker when I finished my degree.

Why do you believe mentoring is so important?

I think most people feel a need to be supported and understood which can take many forms, from a professional mentor, friends and family support, or even a stranger or a work colleague that you connect with and just ‘gets’ your experience. For me it can also be a desire to be valued and validated for what I’m going through. The most effective mentoring I have received in a professional context (which has also helped me grow on a personal level in many ways) has been connected to being mentored by someone who inspires me and encourages me in my development. Someone that gets my industry and what I go through. It’s helped me progress in my career with balance and increased my satisfaction at work and in my personal life.

What or who inspires you?

I feel inspired by so many people for so many different reasons but what really inspires me in an overarching context, is the human capacity for resilience and growth. We as humans move through our lives sometimes enduring trauma (which can come in many forms), navigating the complexity of family, friends and relationships, and coming to terms with our relationship to ourselves. This process isn’t easy! I find the resilience of humans to keep moving and growing, often through adversity, mental health issues, homelessness, transgenerational trauma, discrimination, racism and personal tragedies extremely inspiring.



Lucille Hart
World Central Mentor

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